This webinar is for parents, teachers, case managers, therapists, mental health professionals, guardian ad litem personell, attorney's, and anyone interested in learning more about complex trauma and its effects on children and later in adults.


In this webinar learn about Complex Trauma 101:

  • Signs
  • Symptoms
  • How it affects child development
  • Effects of complex trauma on
    • Emotional development
    • Physical development
    • Social development
    • Attachment development
  • Parenting complex trauma 


With purchase you receive a workbook to help you stay on track and remember the key facts of the workshop.


You will receive a link to a page where you can download:

  • Webinar video (1hr and 3min)
  • Webinar workbook 
  • Webinar workbook (completed)
  • and OTHER FREE bonuses!


Duration: 1hour and 3min


What others say about this webinar: 


  • "The webinar workbook was great. I worked on the worksheet as the webinar was going to know and learn key points."
  • "The presenter was very enganging, knowledgeable and thorough!"
  • "The webinar is very well organized."
  • "I learned a lot, thank you!" 



*This webinar occurred  LIVE on 05-17-2018 for well over 1000 registered participants. 

Complex Trauma 101 Webinar

  • The video is in MP4 format.

    The workbook and other materials are in PDF (Adobe Acrobad) format.



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