S1E1: Do Babies Have Mental Health?

In this episode I will be talking about what infant mental health is and the history behind this awesome field.

You will also hear if babies have mental health from a baby's perspective! Stay tuned for that segment!

This episode will cover:

  • Infant mental health focus on social and emotional development of infant and their caregivers in various context and environments, relationships, infant development

  • Infant mental health being rooted in understanding that developmental outcomes emerge from infant characteristics, parent-child relationship and environment in which the parent child relationship takes place

  • Wincott 1964 - If you set out to describe a baby, you will find that you are describing a baby and someone. A baby can not exist alone, but is essentially part of a relationship

  • The description that infant mental health is a multidisciplinary field

  • We will talk about infant mental health being an educational discipline, clinical field, and research discipline

  • We will talk about the term infant and what age group this encompasses

  • In clinical aspect, we will talk about infant mental health being a strength based discipline where clinicians working with families look for strengths to build on and address problems.

  • Assessment seen as intervention, intervention is always prevention Clinicians role is to understand the infants individual experience and to help the infants caregivers empathically appreciate that experience

  • We will talk about the importance of understanding different contexts of environment for infant mental health (relationships, family, culture, religion, etc.)

  • We will talk about the history of infant mental health being rooted in biological and social theory

  • We will touch base on evolutionary therapy, social theory and psychoanalytic theory

  • If you'd like the PDF's transcripts of the Baby Perspective segment that you can share with families you work with or use to reflect on after listening to the episode, you can download it and other resources here: Raising Baby Podcast: FREE Resources

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