Podcast Episode 16: Let's Talk About Sex With Our Kids!

I had a blast talking with Tara Spears, LMFT, LMHC about how we need to and can talk to our kids about sex. Tara does a great job really making the sex talk with our kids an easy process and explains how sexual safety is important for every family.

Tara is a therapist in private practice who is also a certified sex therapist and offers services through her private practice in Longwood, FL. She works with teens, adults and couples - as well as parents. She helps bring awareness to the need of sex education and making sex less of a taboo in our society.

Our conversation was broad on topics related to sex. We covered:

  • Sexual trauma

  • Parenting

  • Sexual safety

  • Sexual reactivity

  • How to talk to kids about sex

Tara has an amazing book out titled: Talking to Children and Teens About Sex: A Practical Guide If you're looking for a great resource, this is the place to go!

On another note I want to invite you to our Early Childhood Trauma &

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Tara Spears, LMFT, LMHC Certified Sex Therapist can be reached at the following links:

Talk Sex With Me: Website and Facebook

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