Podcast Episode 15: Brainspotting and Trauma Treatment with Beth Wombough Medina, LMHC

This podcast is probably one of my most "mind-blowing" experiences because I am learning about a new therapy right along with you! The wonderful Beth Wombough Medina is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Jacksonville Florida who practices Brainspotting Therapy to help adults and kids overcome the "stuck" traumas that their brains and bodies remember but have a hard time expressing! She actually goes through a wonderful exercise with me that shows me how Brainspotting is effective and how it works!

In today's podcast we go over:

  • What Brainspotting is

  • Trauma and stuck memories

  • Brainsotting and how it works in adults and kids

  • A Brainspotting experiement with me!

  • Attachment Traumas and Parents

  • Recognizing the rupture between body and mind - and how Brainspotting helps recognize these and helps you let them go

Don't forget to register for the Early Childhood Trauma and Attachment Workshop I am hosting in October 2018 in Jacksonville FL. More info and to register go visit the website here: Early Bird Registration for Early Childhood Trauma and Attachment Workshop

To get in touch with Beth Wombough Medina:

Website: http://www.brainspottingjax.com/

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In Hope and Healing,

Selma Bacevac


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