Podcast EP 13: Perinatal Anxiety and Mood Disorders with Dr. Kat!

I was so honored to have Dr. Kat with Mom and Mind on my podcast this week. We got into a deep conversation about perinatal mood disorders and parent child-relationships.

Did you know that statistics show 1 in 4 women experience perinatal mood disorders and 1 in 9 men?

Dr. Kat provides us with information about what perinatal mood disorders look like and the different types of them. She also provides us with tools and tips about what to do if we are dealing with perinatal mood disorders or know someone who is.

When mom's and dad's experience prenatal mood disorders there is a lot of stigma and guilt surrounded their relationship with their parent, Dr. Kat provides some awesome normalcy for these feelings and gives us great suggestions to follow up on.

We talk about the famous case of Andrea Yates, who a few years ago experienced psychosis as a new mom and hurt her children. Dr. Kat talks about how often this can happen with moms and what it actually looks like in reality.

Dr. Kat gives us insight into expectations and reality of bringing a child back home and learning to navigate new relationships. We talk about adoption and how adoptive parents can experience perinatal mood disorders.

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