Parenting Challenging Behaviors with

Infants and Toddlers

When we dream about having kids, most of us have had those thoughts of "my kid will never do that" or "my kid won't be like this."  And then....REALITY comes a-knocking. We humbly accept the fact that our kids are individuals with their personalities and desires, and characters! Oh and temperament, and thoughts, and feelings, and so many more things!  They are not extensions of us, they are their unique own selves.  

If you have found yourself wondering what is going on with that ideal parent you imagined not too long ago, don't stress we all have been there.  Watch this video to give you some insight into the following:

  • Why do infants and toddlers have challenging behaviors?

  • Where is the instruction manual about parenting we all have heard of?

  • What does yelling, taking privileges away, and ignoring do to your infant and toddler?

  • Does spanking work and should you spank?

  • What is the difference between respect and fear?

  • How to ensure you and your parenting partner are on the same page?

  • How to limit set when things are chaotic at home?

  • How to eliminate attention seeking and challenging behaviors once and for all?

Watch the video for answers to the above questions


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