Hi there! As you know my passion is all about promoting the mental health of babies and toddlers and helping them overcome any attachment problems and developmental trauma. To help the world see things from the little one’s perspective, I am starting a podcast. A much NEEDED podcast.


The podcast is called Raising Baby and is all about seeing the world from the babies perspective, raising emotionally healthy babies and promoting their mental health! I will have guests on the show, I will have giveaways, and lots of information to share with new mom’s, dad’s and professionals working with infants and toddlers.


Having said all of this, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE  it if you would be part of my  Raising Baby Launch Team!


I need help getting the word out when the show goes live in a few weeks so I very much appreciate your interest in joining the launch team! 


Let me tell you a little bit more about what that looks like!


My official launch date is going to be December 4th 2019!


For the 15 days prior to going live with the show we are going to have a launch party! What this means for my launch team is the following:


  1. I am going to be emailing you a couple of times a week with 1-2 pictures to post on your social media and/or through your email list letting your friends and followers know about the podcast.  These posts will be short and will direct your friends and followers to the website where the podcast will be launching! They will also be FREE give-aways for my launch team and new audience to help promote the podcast. The give aways will be the following:

    • Free in-person or online workshops through the Parent-Child Relationship Institute

    • Free access to online trainings through the Parent-Child Relationship Institute

    • Free books on infant and toddler mental health, attachment, and developmental trauma

    • Free sensory toys/activities for babies and toddlers and their families 

    • Free 1-hr parent or professional consultation with me

  2. I am going to ask that you subscribe and leave a stellar review of the podcast on iTunes and Google Play.


THAT’S IT!  Yes, really!   Being part of the launch team is going to be fun, exciting, it will take about 1-2 min from your day and it’s also a great honor because you get to be there from the beginning!


I have more perks for my launch team however! Who ever becomes part of my launch team will have access to (choice of 2 items):

  1. FREE Marketing Spotlight: I plan on devoting 2-3 min of each podcast to promote a business, product or service.  With you being on the launch team this will be free for you for 1 episode. The cool thing is, once this is recorded the listeners will forever have access to your business because it will forever be part of the episode.

  2. FREE Social Media Spotlight: I have 3500+ engaged followers on FB and IG and a FB group of professionals reaching 1K+ members!  I would love to spotlight your business, product or service there as well through a post!

  3. FREE Webinar Spotlight:  I will devote 1 slide during one of my workshops to spotlight my launch team members and their business/product/service.  My webinars usually have 100+ registrant who receive recordings of my webinar after the live webinar airs.  So not only do you get the spotlight during the live webinar, you will get the spotlight each time they play the recording. 


I really hope that you say YES! and that we get the message of Raising Baby out into the world together! 


If this feels like a good fit, please come on and fill out the form here to get started:

Join the Raising Baby Podcast Launch Team!


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