Creating a Safe & Secure Attachment with

Your Little One

What we know about parenting - comes from our own parenting experience. We pull from the knowledge bank we already have and may add to it through reading books and talking to friends. Other than that, we sort of let things happen on their own with our infants and toddlers.  They are so adorable and cute and little during this stage in their life that is is often a hard thing to say "no" to those cute little faces and eyes! We all wish and believe we have that secure bond to our little one and that they have a secure attachment to us.


However, only hoping and wishing for it does not get us the results we are looking for. Doesn't this sound like something you already know - I know right!?  


In this video I am going to go over the following topics:

  • What is a bond and what is an attachment?

  • How does a bond develop and how does attachment develop?

  • What are the different forms of attachment?

  • How to find out what attachment you had toward your parents/caregivers?

  • How your own attachment style affects your bond to your baby/infant?

  • What you can do to create a safe and secure attachment with your little one?


Watch the video for answers to the above questions 




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