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~Selma is available for trainings, workshops, podcast interviews and keynotes~
"I love to provide my audience with a thoughtful, energetic, and insightful experience.  I work hard to make sure everyone leaves with a new outlook and information that will help them grow personally and professionally." 
Why Hire Selma?


Selma is a specialist on infant & toddler mental health, attachment & developmental trauma with years of experience treating families, consulting & training 


She is committed to delivering the very best, up to date research and information in the most engaging way.


Her genuine passion shines through her work and presentation style. It is captivating and motivating to others.

Genuine Care

Selma connects to her audience through her genuine care, tone, and energetic style to help them reach their goals and increase their skill set.

What Topics Can Selma Present On?
    • The importance of infant and toddler mental health

    • Infant & toddler development and the brain

    • Integrating the brain, body while keeping the relationship in mind

    • The importance of safe and secure attachment in the early years

    • How infants & toddlers process and heal from trauma

    Infant&Toddler Mental Health

    • Attachment styles in the early years 

    • How parents own attachment style impacts parenting and their relationship

    • Attachment related problems and how to treat and heal from them

    • The bottom up brain approach to treating attachment related problems

    Attachment and Related Problems

    • In-depth detailed training on developmental trauma and its effects on infants & toddlers

    • How developmental trauma impacts society if left untreated in the early years

    • Why parents own trauma history can cause developmental trauma in young children

    • How to treat developmental trauma (tools and resources)

    Developmental Trauma 

    • Surviving a genocide as a young child and the effects of the developmental trauma on her own and her parent's mental health

    • Overcoming adjustment difficulties, integrating and surviving teenage-hood with immigrant parents

    • Becoming a mom and parenting from a very different parenting approach than her own parents

    Selma's Own Healing & Parenting Journey

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