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"I have attended several of trainings provided by Selma over the years. Each one has provided me with professional knowledge that i am able to take into practice. I really enjoy how she interacts with the audience. Selma engages, is trustworthy and informative! 

— Sarah Smith, LMHC 

Workshop Attendee

"I learned so much about healthy attachment and it's importance to relationships. The workshop opened my eyes to how young kids process feelings and situations.  The training was well put together and extremely useful! Highly recommend" 

— Jessica, In-Person Workshop Attendee

"Selma helped me understand how to see my children from a different perspective and she provided me with an understanding of how to use reflection in my parenting to help them heal. I no longer feel powerless!

— Ari, Consultation 1-1 Client,

Mom of 2 adopted children


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